Why Do I Blog?

Well, why not?  I LOVE to write. I love to jot stuff down. It's more of a journal if you will. I have a lot I could write about.  It may be something very exciting, or not.  I do this for me.  Therapy, if you will.
Perhaps I'll write about my obsession with nail polish.

Or my love of cheeses.  Or my quest to find the perfect, or not so perfect strand of potato pearls.   Or maybe we'll have a cuppa and talk about crazy dog ladies.

I have been through a lot, physically. I post about it on Facebook, but I think people get tired of hearing about my health issues. So, here is where I'll vent. That way, you can read about it. Or skip it altogether.

I love making jewelry. I am a bead-obsessed addict of all things that can be strung. Here is where you can find out what I'm working on.

Finally, I love just jotting down things that I'm thinking about. Things that make me happy. Angry. Things that make me stop and smile. Little things. Intense things. Whatever and what-have-you. I'm not looking to make money with this blog. It's just something that I have loved doing and hope to continue. I hope you'll enjoy your stay.


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