Friday, February 8, 2019

And Just Like That...

I really am superstitious about certain things. I knock on wood so much, my knuckles should be flat!  I am scared to say anything. Here goes...

On the pain scale...

I am a 1!
I want to run! I want to do everything!  I just told my husband my pain level is and he was as thrilled as I am, but also just as cautious. "Do NOT over-do!" I know. But the sun is shining (for a while, it is going to rain soon). The dog wants to play! I want to play! But, baby steps, again. I need that tattooed on my wrist. 
I'm just ecstatic. Maybe a trip to the birdie store, which is just up the road? We do need seed. Or, just a drive? Rob is off, so maybe I can talk him into a little road trip? I just pray that this means that my BURSTdr is finally doing its job and will continue to do so. I would love to stop the opioid meds. That's a whole different issue that I'm not going to even think about right now. In time.  

So, my darling readers, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful, nearly pain-free day. I promise not to go crazy. Maybe a little crazy? 


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