Thursday, January 31, 2019

Good And Cold

Heat. It's supposed to rise, right? Sure. It rises. Unless your bedroom window has a wicked draft. Thank goodness for my ceramic heater. I am using only when I'm awake which is quite late, so by the time I actually go to sleep, it's quite warm and only dark for a few more hours. Then I'm up and out of that room. I don't feel comfortable keeping the heater on, so I keep it off and my parakeet comes downstairs (she lives upstairs in my bedroom). She would die for sure up in there. Too cold.

Once upon a time, I loved the cold. It never really bothered me. Boy, does it bother me, now. These old bones hate it. I will complain about being too hot until my days are over, but now I complain about being cold. I complain about everything. I hate it. I'm complaining about complaining.

Still, I'm good. My pain is at a level that I can handle (Let's say 5 on the scale). As my pain specialist says, my "toolbox" is right next to me. Use whichever tool you need. I've only needed a few, today. It's a good day. Better things are on the way.


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