Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekends Mean Bonaparte Breads!

Is it May or is it November? Hard to tell. It's a cloudy, drizzly day. The only difference is, there is so much GREEN outside! I hear it's supposed to be even colder, tomorrow. I know I'm getting old; I hate being chilly, now. I still absolutely detest being hot; no matter how I dress or what I do with my hair, I'm constantly soaking wet. Still, these days, being cold is very uncool (sorry; had to).

Back in March, Rob and I were looking for something to do. I probably wasn't feeling well. I haven't felt well, really, in years. Still, people with a chronic illness, along with chronic pain do get terribly bored when their choice of activities is limited.

Living in a tiny apartment; we have hardly the space for new stuff, but while I love to shop for new stuff, Rob detests it. It's not really because money is tight, but because we simply don't have room for any more stuff. However, he does love to do one thing with me as far as "shopping" goes;


Every once in a while, years back, he and I would venture over to Savage Mill, a historic cotton mill that has been turned into a very sweet, artsy home to all kinds of shops. Bead Soup. All kinds of beads! All kinds of wire! Tools! And the great people! I have a friend that works there. Another reason I need to learn to drive... I want to hang with her and bead.

The antique area... wow. All kinds of vendors selling cool stuff. There is even a record seller. Found a copy of Prince's first LP.  $9.00. I should have bought it. It's gone, now.

I have a thing for spoons. Not the collectables from different places. Just spoons. I'm very particular about the spoon I use with each thing I eat. OCD? Perhaps. I mean, I won't throw a tizzy fit if I can't find it, but my eating experience won't be as nice as it would if I had it. Sill, yes. I have a favorite soup spoon. I mean, just the way it scoops it up. I also have a spoon for thicker soups. I have a spoon that I use for ice cream. Sadly, that spoon, my beloved stainless-steel spoon with no maker's mark, was destroyed by the garbage disposal blade. Heartbroken. So, I'm on the hunt for a new ice cream spoon.  There is a vendor that has two cases of nothing but spoons. All are $25 each. I haven't found one that I like, yet, but I keep checking.  Maybe it'll be there on Sunday.

Anyway, I'm rambling on.
It also houses a nicely-sized antique "mall."  It would get me out of the apartment and we could walk a bit, letting all of the great stores get my mind off of my pain. It also houses one of my very favorite shops:

One day, after a bit of antiquing,  we found ourselves a bit hungry. Not for a huge meal, but for something sweet. Enter

The raspberry palmiers are to DIE for.
Raspberry Palmier
The aroma of baking suddenly enveloped us and led us toward the entrance. The first thing you notice is how small it is. It can probably sit 15 people. If it's nice out, they do have the outdoor area near the entrance to the mill. The second thing you notice is the display of so many amazing baked treats. Chocolate/almond croissants.  Raspberry palmier, which is a very buttery yet light shortbread cookie,

luscious raspberry (Seedless, YAY) jam, and topped with another cookie. The jam is the sweetener, here, which makes me love these so much; not too sweet.

Rob's favorite is the chocolate/almond croissant.  I have to say that it is amazing.  What makes them so amazing is the crackling pastry on the outside, that is tempered by decadent, sweet chocolate. To make them perfect, you must dunk it into their amazing coffee. They have their own brand (sorry, I forget the name), and it is just the perfect partner to these treats.

They also serve lunch. Quiches, sandwiches, and soups. Next time, I would love to try the baked brie with walnuts.  Or, maybe the salmon quiche. Decisions... sheesh.

They have a really cool playlist. A large speaker emits french disco, and other clubbish type tunes, with some baroque classical thrown in.  We found ourselves "Shazamming" many tunes. I now have a great French playlist on my Spotify.

We have decided to make this "Our place" to go at least once a month. It was our little hangout.  Our kids - who are now grown - found out about it, and now we take them with us. We still sneak away without them. Do I feel guilty? No.  They know they'll go again.

The service is great. Lots of "help yourself", but you are served, too. They also bake bread. Lots of bread.  I have yet to taste/purchase one.  Next time, a French loaf. I would really like a multi-grain, too. Maybe I'll bet both.

I'm looking forward to Sunday. Rob and I are going to go.  Might have a kid or two with us. Either way, it'll be delightful.

Until next time,

Merci et bon appetite!


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