Sunday, July 26, 2015


It's almost 3 a.m. and I am in my recliner as my pain meds wear off.  Duke just went to sleep with his "baby," the very first toy we bought for him when we brought him home from the shelter. It's the only toy that he's not totally destroyed in a manner of minutes. Yeah, it's pretty gnarly, now, but most "lovies" are, in that they are LOVED.

As I shared with you a few days ago, Duke may have a brain disorder that makes him suddenly become violent -Sudden Onset Rage syndrome.  Well, he hasn't had an episode in a long time, now.  AND, he is becoming more attached to ME.  Because I am not well, Rob and the boys are the ones that have primarily taken Duke out for walks and to play.  I hate that.  He's my dog.  Okay, he's all of ours, but we got him for me, because of my illnesses and depression that came about due to my illnesses and what they've done to me and my family. So, it's wonderful that he's finally truly bonding to me.

He just spent the past 40 minutes cuddling with me in the recliner.  Just before that, I did his dental care - he LOVES it. I Love Pet Head Brush Your Teeth!  wipes.  They have  peppermint oil and you wipe his gums and teeth with them!  Duke LOVES to chew on them and I very carefully watch him to make sure that he doesn't eat them.  He never does.  He actually brings them to me, then plays a gentle "tug of war" with me, letting the wipes really scrub.  I'm amazed that he allows me to take over and wipe his back teeth and gums, but he just sits there and lets me do it! I then gave him his favorite - ice - to rinse and allow him to further clean.  That's when he snuggled with me. We now have daily ritual that began about two weeks ago.

Weather and pain permitting - and I really try to ignore the pain- I take Duke out to pee, then we sit on the grass at the end of our apartment building that faces the boys' room .  It's a nice area, thick with green grass that he loves to snack on, with a clear view of the parking lot.  I take him out about twenty minutes before Rob is due to pull up into the parking lot. Duke will now get antsy around the time I take him, as if he's reminding me that it's time to go wait for daddy.

We sit and Duke nibbles on grass and does his silly "roly-poly" thing, scratching his itchy skin.  I scratch his belly and talk to him. We hang out..  Then Duke will sit up, right next to me, and watch the parking lot.

"Who ya waitin' for, silly boy?" I ask.  He straitens up. Soon, he sees our silver car and his tail begins wagging.  I have him on a leash at all times. I'm not comfortable with letting him off of it, and Howard County does have a leash law. Rob gets out of the car and Duke fidgets. I let go of the leash. Duke remains at my side until Rob says,


Dukes flies across the grass and runs a circle around Rob, runs back to me, around me, and back to Rob where he then jumps up onto him for a big kiss and a belly scratch. Rob just found out that he has a herniated disc, so now he really has to be careful, but he says it's so hard because all he wants to do is to squat down and tackle Duke like he used to. We then sit in the grass and talk about our day. All three of us look forward to this time.

Again, Duke has not had an episode in a long time.  We will still get him evaluated, but for now, I'm taking this bonding to heart and eating every bite of it.  My dog loves me.  He's proving it more and more every day.  Such a good feeling.

Until next time,


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