Friday, August 9, 2013

Day Twenty

Good morning!

Well, today is day twenty of my new Way Of Eating, or, as the Atkins people call it, "WOE" and I feel so good.  I am seeing major results.  

I've lost fifteen pounds since July 21st.  I am losing my double chin. I can see my collar bones again.  My wedding set, which I had to have re-sized last year because my fingers were too fat, are now dangerously loose on my finger.  The first articles of clothing that I noticed not fitting anymore were my underclothes. Both now need replacing.  

But it's not about looks.  For me, if I don't lose this weight, I could die. No joke!  That's Type II Diabetes my friends, and she's a real nasty bitch.  But, since I have been eating no more (for the most part) than 20 carbs per day (with 10-15 of them coming from vegetables), my glucose levels are normal.


My blood pressure was really a concern for me and the main reason why I decided to really get back onto my LC way of life.  Even with medication, my BP was out of control.  Now...


Two days ago, I had a medical procedure done.  I was extremely nervous before I went back.  As the nurse put the cuff on my arm, I warned her that my blood pressure would probably be through the roof because of my nerves.  A few seconds later, she shrugged.  

"I dunno.  You hide your fear well.  118/80."  I was STUNNED. There is no way I'll ever consume those poisonous bad white foods ever again.  Yes, poisonous.  To me, they are.  Especially anything made with wheat. 

Good white foods?  Cauliflower (my LIFESAVER), cream, butterfat, and an occasional onion.

I have also cut out most processed foods with the exception of a few:  Slim Jims, pepperoni, deli American cheese, and for a treat once in a blue moon, Atkins bars, and sugar-free Slurpees.  Let's face it, I thank all that are holy for sugar-free Slurpees!  I deserve an occasional treat, too!

I have had to deal with trolls and haters regarding my new lifestyle.  Most simply don't get it because they don't know the facts.  The last time I did this, I seriously considered getting a tattoo that read, "READ THE BOOK!" on the palm of my hand.  Glad I didn't get that.  Still, I just try to remember that people will hate on things they don't comprehend.  And, that being said, Atkins is not for everyone.  What works for me, might not work for you.  But don't hate because you don't get it.  I have a really good friend that is a dedicated juicer.  I could not do that.  It's not for me.  It's working magic for her, and I'm so proud of her.  Her family is constantly giving her grief about it.  Can't people just accept that things they don't understand are just that?
Get the facts first, then distort them as you please.  Thank you, Mr. Twain.

Anyway, I'm pretty damn proud of myself.  I'm working out more, and while I'm at a plateau (building muscle which weighs more than fat... and I discovered I have been eating a few hidden carbs), I know that for the most part, my body is on its way to being the healthiest it's been in years.  I'm certainly not trying to lose too much.  Being too thin is unhealthy, too. For my height (4'11") I should weigh anywhere between 97 and 125.  The last time I did this plan, I got down to 119.  I looked emaciated, with dark circles under my eyes and I just looked SICK.  This time, I'll be happy with 127. Again, it's not about how thin I can get, but how HEALTHY I can get.

So, I'm off to make breakfast.  Maybe some steak and eggs.  And bacon.  Always bacon! 

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