Friday, July 12, 2013


I have been following the George Zimmerman trial from the beginning. I am not going to do a replay of the past week's events.  I just wanted to get my feelings out.

Last time I checked, wearing a hoodie isn't a crime.  
Maybe it is because I too am the mother of a seventeen-year-old son that, on occasion, goes to the corner store, in the rain, wearing a hoodie, to get a treat, that I am so touched by this case. I firmly believe - and have  from the day the news first told the story - that Travon Martin was doing nothing illegal and was murdered. Murdered by an armed adult that made assumptions that he was "Up to no good." By a wanna-be cop that wanted to tote a loaded weapon and play cop.  Just listen to the taped interviews.  Who uses language like that?  

All George Zimmerman had to do was to ask Travon,

"Hey, what are you doing out in the rain?  Are you lost?  Can I help you? No? Then go on home, now."

But no, he decided to follow this young man and scare him into a confrontation. I know if I was followed and confronted by a stranger, in the dark, and while it was raining, I too would get defensive.  And yes, my hood would be up. The man was told that he didn't have to follow him. He did it, anyway.

Unfortunately, I think that Zimmerman will walk.  And while that is "freedom" for him, he will never be free.  I'm thinking that he will need to, at least, be placed into protective custody until - what? People quiet down?  People forget?  People will never forget.  Look at how Casey Anthony lives, now. She has no life. And yes, she deserves that. They will both have to live with the hell that they have made for themselves.  Zimmerman will live in fear for the remainder of his life, constantly looking over his shoulder. Funny, isn't that how Travon Martin lived the last night of his short life?  Still, that being said, Zimmerman will never feel the amount of fear that Travon did on the last night of his life.  

Agree or not. I don't really care. That is not why I felt compelled to jot this down.  It's just me, and how I feel about the case.  I have learned a lot about assumptions during this trial.  It's really very sad how many people do make them.  Every day.

I'll be watching the Defense close today.  I'm already laughing at Mark O'Mara.  Wow.

Praying for Travon's family.  Praying for Zimmerman's family.  Praying for Florida. Praying for no rioting.  Praying for Justice. 

And one more thing:   Just remember this:  The one person that could tell you what really happened to him can never, ever, do that.  RIP Travon Martin.

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