Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Shark Still Sucks

Okay, kids.  Sit back and get comfy.  Momma's so happy she's singing.

I thought I had had done some serious and painful damage to my beloved Shark. My Shark Navigator Professional Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner. I somehow didn't see that ink pen and yep ... not only did it suck it up, it sucked it clear to the very top where it elbows into the canister.  With some gentle yet firm hands, I somehow managed to finagle it free.  Joy!

I think I have told anyone with ears just how happy I am with my Shark.  Hands down, the best $169.99 I have ever spent.  Oh, and thanks to those 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond, I spent even LESS. It bears repeating:  This was the best money I have ever spent on any product that I have ever purchased in my entire life.

My good friend, Toni, had purchased hers nearly six months (maybe longer) prior to mine.  She'd call me up and sing.  I mean sing.  "Mary.  I'm so in love with this vacuum cleaner.  You have to get one."  Yeah, yeah.  *yawn*  I was still using the one I took from my dad's place after he had passed away.  It was a HUGE Hoover.  Heavy, too.  I hated using that thing.  Still, it worked so I really paid no mind to what my friend kept singing about.

Until it just stopped sucking.

Being in a family of severe asthmatics and seasonal allergy sufferers, I had to have a working vacuum cleaner.  Of course, I happened to mention this to Toni.

"Girl ..."

Yes.  I know.  What's it called?  Shark.  I told my husband about it.  We looked it up at BB&B.  They sold them.  Oh!  Don't forget that coupon!  I called my friend and told her where we were going and why.  She asked if she could come by and watch as we used it for the first time.

"Girl.  When you use it for the very first time, you're going to be shocked at what it picks up the first run.  Believe me.  I want to see this, for myself; not just the dirt, but the looks on yours and Rob's faces when you do see it."  I told her okay.

Well, we bought it and brought it home.  Putting it together was a snap. It was so light!  Surely those reviews could not be correct.  Better than a Dyson?  C'mon.

Well, Rob didn't want to wait for Toni, so he did the first honors.

She was right.  So right.

She told me the roller would most likely fill up with hair, and the canister would fill with dirt as well.

She was right on both counts, again.  I had to CUT the hair from around the roller!  And this was just the LIVING room. I sent her photos of it.  I don't still have them. I had to empty the canister, twice!  Still, just the living room and this was the first 'sweeping.'  I could not believe how much power this sucker (Ha) had!  It navigates extremely easily, hence its name. It turns easily; without a big, ugly ball like that other vacuum that, by the way, costs $499.99.  Did I mention I paid only $169.99?  Everyone gets those BB&B coupons!  Save them!

Some reviewers were not happy with the fact that you are advised empty the canister after every use.  Hell, I empty mine at least twice when I use it!  Not that it's FULL of dirt, but I like to keep it clean.  It just sucks so much out!  I vacuum at least once a day and it gets pretty full!  Washing the canister is a breeze. The entire canister is made from plastic and the filter inside is made from fine wire mesh.  Totally immersible (did you hear that? Angels are singing)! The two foam filters above the motor are washable!  I've had the same two since I bought it!  I wash them every month (the manufacturer's instructions advise once every three months.  They don't live with asthmatics).  They air dry in two hours.  When was the last time you could totally wash your vacuum cleaner out!  I feel like Danny Tanner from Full House.  He used to vacuum his vacuum.  Well, Danny, I wash mine!  We'd get along just fine.

So, as I watch my now sparkling, clean-as-a-whistle Shark dry, I can't help but sing.  Yes, Toni; sing.

Yes, I'm singing to my vacuum cleaner.  I LOVE MY VACUUM CLEANER!  Sue me.  Thank you, Toni.  I want so badly to whisper "sucker" to all of those Dyson owners.  I personally know four that totally regret their purchases and hate their vacuums.  Hate. Their vacuums.  So sad.

Okay, after the making love part.  Oh, grow up for Pete's sake.  Alright.  After I cleaned it, I gave it a small peck on the handle.  What??  Birdies are singing ... 

 La-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la 

Loving you, I see your soul come shining through, 

And every time that we, (clean) oohh... 
I'm more in love with you.

Seriously.  If you need a new vacuum cleaner and you want one that is VERY light, VERY easy to clean, VERY portable and TOTALLY SUCKS, the Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away is for you.  Get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and remember to take that mailer they send out!  Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away   Do yourself a favor and GET IT!

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  1. Hee hee, love this!! By the way, as a former vac salesperson, I would recommend washing the thing every time you use it, even if you didn't have asthmatics. So many icky things can grow in there! If I had more carpet, I might think about getting one, next vac purchase, but for now, remember, suction doesn't clean, airflow cleans!! that's why it works, no bag to clog up! Keep sweepin', sistah!!!


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