Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

It's the day before Father's Day.  I actually celebrate all weekend long.  I spoil my groom.  My baby daddy. He is a wonderful father.  I love to reminisce about the early days.  Those sleepless nights.  The days when he would have to bend practically in half to take the boys' hand when they were learning to walk.  One of the highlights of my day being a Stay-At-Home-Mom was the half hour before Rob came home from work.
Aaron - 13 months.
Even as young as six months old, my sons knew that soon, daddy would be walking in the front door.  They'd get antsy and that happy/cranky kid would keep looking at the door.  Finally, the sound of the keys in the door and my sons faces lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July.  Squeals of excited delight!  "Daddy's Home!"  Tiny arms waved
Alex (eight) and Dad 
frantically as they grinned, toothless, and  tiny hands waved backwards greeting him home again.  I miss that.

I miss my dad, but Father's Day is a much happier day for me.  I celebrate him.  Again, I reminisce about the days when I was young, and I too got so excited when daddy came home from work.  Even as I got older, I was thrilled when he came home.  Knowing he could finally relax in his chair with a beer after a long and most likely painful day.

All was right with the world when daddy came home.

I myself still look at the clock and wait anxiously for Rob to get home.  They may not admit it, but the boys do, too.  All is right with the world when Daddy comes home.

Happy Father's Day!

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