Friday, February 22, 2013

A new idea.

Hello, lovlies!

Well, here it is; Friday. What to do? Payday is next Friday. Gonna be a low-key evening. I got to thinking... what could I do with this blog to make it more interesting? Besides writing it? Well, I miss writing. NANOWRIMO is over and while I have started a new novel, I'm basically staring at a brick wall. So, I thought about doing a weekly writing prompt.

You remember those. English class. Jr. high school. Teacher gave us a sentence, and we added to it.  Most were easy, and basically were given not only to get the creative writing juices flowing, but also a weekly check on grammar and spelling.

Why not do one?  Some can be silly.  Others might require a bit of soul-searching.  Every Friday. I'm down for this. I also need to get out of the double-space-after-a-period habit (Yes, I have had to go back and remove some spaces, already). It's hard, but my next book will not have to be edited so much if I can break the habit, even though I did use Word's Find And Replace. Thank God for that!

So, here we go.  My next post will be a random writing prompt.

Until next time,

Write On

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