Monday, July 30, 2012


No bad news.  No good news.  Nothing to report.  Time for a totally random list-y entry.

  1. As much as I thought I didn't like the color purple, I find it is growing on me.  I don't like it on its own, but instead  with other colors, especially in its tertiary form; playing with oranges and greens across the color wheel.
  2. I find myself hiding many Facebook postings lately.  
  3. I am having a blast growing vegetables on my tiny patio.  At the end of the day, I feel like I am really doing something that matters.  I mean, I know I do anyway, but there really is something to seeing food growing from a tiny seed that you planted!
  4. Time is flying by.  My kids are are nearly adults, now.  Sometimes I miss the kid stuff.
  5. I am having a real difficult time staying away from carbs.
  6. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ESFJ.
  7. My favorite shapes are circles and squares.
  8. I do crossword puzzles in pen.
  9. My favorite art medium is colored pencil
  10. I hate cucumbers.
  11. I love pickled cucumbers.
  12. I am a huge believer in the paranormal.
  13. Fall is my favorite season.
  14. I am letting my grey hair grow in. 
  15. I like it how it looks.
  16. I hate indoor pools.  I think they're just the most disgusting things on the planet.
  17. I don't understand frozen mashed potatoes and microwave bacon.
  18. My kitchen sink must sparkle.
  19. I tend to repeat myself.
  20. I tend to repeat myself.
  21. I can never watch Apollo 13, Jaws, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind enough.
  22. I dream of owning a dog.
  23. I need to be nearer to the sea.   It is a living, breathing entity; the waves its breath going in and out.  
  24. I don't miss drinking alcohol.  Not one bit.
  25. I am finished with toxic people.  
  26. I sometimes wish I didn't have to have that hysterectomy.  I sometimes wish I could have another child.
  27. I now accept my body as it is. I cannot change most things.  I have learned to live with the changes.
  28. Just because I have accepted them, does not mean I must like them.
  29. I have a strong desire to be more creative.
  30. I sometimes fear how the internet has changed our day to day living.
  31. My children are making me very proud.  Even more so than I thought possible.
  32. My husband is still my best friend and can still make me blush.
  33. I eat cinnamon at least once a day.
  34. I despise a dirty bathroom. 
  35. I like my legs.
  36. I hate my butt.  
  37. I must sleep with a fan on, more for the white noise than keeping me cool.
  38. My husband can imitate almost anyone.
  39. I'd love to move out west.
  40. I'm tired of living in Maryland.


  1. 8...9...12...14...18...22...24...26...29...30...34...36...39...HIKE!!! Maryfrances, you've got a friend. :-)

  2. YAY! Hi, Laurie! I love making new friends! Thank you SO much for taking the time to read! As for #30, as much as it scares me at times, I'm thankful for it as it has brought us together! :)


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