Friday, June 22, 2012

Victoza - Week One

 My weekly journal using Victoza.

Noticed a few things:

  1. My appetite is greatly diminished.  I really do have to force myself to eat.
  2. I was doing fine until I upped the dose yesterday.  Instant headache.  Not really a headache but more like stabs of pain in my head.   This is normal and expected.  Fortunately, Advil kicked its butt.
  3. Increased nausea.  I give myself my shot around 8AM, and by the time I must (MUST) eat lunch, I find that I must eat very little.  However, after I do manage to eat a few bites, my nausea is gone and I am able to eat.  Not severe nausea, but a pretty intense wave.  
  4. Most importantly;  my glucose levels have dropped significantly!  YES!
  5. Lost 5 pounds. 
 So, it is working!  The injections are painless.  I am having issues with my "Pasta Day."  Pasta is my drug of choice.  I should either just eat it, or avoid it.  I'm thinking the latter.  I may eat it once a month.  For me, it's an addiction I must concur.

 My liver does not like the fat it now has.  My CT scan showed that I have Fatty Infiltration of the liver .  My cause is, of course, my diabetes.  If anything shows me just how dangerous being overweight is, this has!  Again, it's not about how one looks;  it's about being your body's advocate and helping it to be as healthy as it can be.  I do not drink and my doc told me that it's a GOOD thing because the two put together could spell liver failure.  Drinking also causes fatty infiltration of the liver, so I am doing everything right.

Swimming as often as I can has also helped.  Exercising creates energy and mine is through the roof.  I do need to keep a reign on it and not overdo.  It's so easy to get carried away in the pool.  I found that out on Wednesday.  As long as I do some laps and keep the workouts going, it'll be okay.  I was referred to a pain management specialist yesterday.  I was told that while I have no new issues, I will have pain for the rest of  my life.  I now must learn how to deal with it, preferably without the use of narcotic pain meds.  I'm not a fan of getting monthly epidurals, but I may have to explore that.

All things said, I'm doing okay.  It COULD be worse.  I'm glad it's not! 
I will post again next Friday.  Again, if something remarkable happens, I'll update sooner.

Thanks for reading and taking the journey with me.  I know a few of you are taking this drug along with me.  Any comments or thoughts are grandly welcomed!

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  1. Hey - just curious how your long term Victoza treatment went? Just started it last week myself.


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