Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cover Me

Covers.  Bed clothes.  Blankets.  Comforters. 

Isn't it curious how we start thinking about really odd things as we lie awake in bed?  The later it is and the longer you lie awake, the stranger the thoughts are.  I lie awake, listening to my husband breathing.  Bored, I grab my iTouch and play a few games of Draw Something.  Solitaire. Kindle.  Actually, this is my nightly routine.  I make sure my iTouch is fully charged, brew a cup of soothing tea, turn out the lights and play games and read until I'm sleepy.

Getting comfortable is  a chore.  I must have my pillows arranged in a certain order.  Of course, I must re-arrange them once I think they are just right.  The fan must be positioned just right so that it doesn't bother my husband, but cools me off.  Not an easy task.  Finally comfy with the pillows, I audibly sigh.  Not from bliss, but from frustration.  The covers.  I know how I like them, however I feel I must go through the nightly ritual of trying to sleep with out them, then with them, then half in, half out.  I honestly believe that I fall asleep in the middle of trying to figure it all out.  Why do I have to keep repeating it every single night, then?

My 14 hour old son, swaddled and snoozing with his dad.
Which brings me to the subject of this entry.  Why do we need covers, anyway?  I mean, think about it.  I get why babies need them.  Swaddling was one of the very first lessons I learned as a new mother.  Swaddle that baby as tightly as you can.  Wow!  My son instantly stopped crying.  It's replicating the womb.  I get that and the ideas behind newborns needing that.  I also get how that can straggle into toddler-hood.  Again, that security thing, carried over from swaddling.

Maybe, as teenagers, we just use them because it's now a habit.  I don't know.  What I started thinking about in the wee hours of this morning was this:  Why do we, as adults, still use them?  I mean, we can sleep without them.  If the room is warm (or cool) enough, and our pillows are situated just right, and we are tired enough, we can fall asleep without them.

Or can we?

What is it that makes us so uneasy about not having covers when we sleep?  I know I don't want to try sleeping with none around.  Why do we feel as if we are totally exposed without them?  I personally hate having my covers tucked in under the mattress and I must have my feet sticking out of them.  So, why, when it's especially hot and the AC and fan are not helping, do I feel so naked when I kick them off?  Why do we feel as if we are safe - snug as a bug in a rug- when we are all 'tucked-in' for the night?   It's not as if we have a blanket (snort) of armor around us.   Being under the covers will most definitely protect you from that googley, seven-eyed monster from ripping you to shreds, right?  All but two eyes peeking out will save you from that creepy ghost you saw in that movie.  Yeah, that lunatic that is roaming your neighborhood will take one look at you all tucked-in, and will stop in his tracks.  He  will run away. "I can't attack her.  She's tucked in.  Let me go find somebody with their legs sticking out."  Like garlic to vampires, right.  Mkay.

 Wouldn't hiding under the bed help you more?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  You're too scared to get out of bed.  Just pull those blankets up under your chin.  All safe and sound.  Right?

Until next time (or until I think up more crazy late night thoughts),

Sweet dreams!

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