Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here we are, again;  New Year's Eve.  2011, this time.  It's been a good year.  In some aspects, I hate to see it end.  So, today (which is my least favorite day of the year) I shall bid 2011 a fond farewell and thank it for its many blessings.

I shall also make a few resolutions this time.   Actually, I have already made them.  I shall keep them to myself.

So, thank you, 2011 for all of the new friends I've made.  Thank you for the new experiences.  Thank you for keeping us relatively healthy.

Thank you for getting me through the year without my parents.  That was a toughie.  So many times I wanted to share things with them, and talk with them.  For whatever reason, it was very hard for me at times.  I see people - either jokingly or seriously - complain about their parents.  I want to shake them and tell them that someday they'll be GONE and to stop and think about what they're saying!   I wish they could feel the emptiness and pain that comes when you want them near to share a joke,  share something your child said or did.  I'm sure people cringe when I talk about how much I miss them - still. I've heard folks say that I need to 'get over it and move on'  Too bad.  Unfortunately, someday they'll feel this pain.  Not that I wish it upon them... just stop complaining about them.  I guess it gets easier?  Maybe it's the "Only Child" thing?  I don't know.  My folks were some of my best friends.  I guess I was lucky. 

I have plans; at least in my head.  I suppose it boils down to if my resolutions come to fruition or not.  Lots of plans.  Some aspects of my life simply must change... and nobody can do it but me.

So, I suppose, this means that I'm actually looking forward to the new year?  Maybe.  It is just a day, after all.  Still, in my mind, it is a starting point just like it is for millions.

I still hate NYE. 

Goodbye 2011.  It's been great!  Looking forward to 2012...

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  1. I totally agree with you. NYE is overrated! (I think we had this conversation last year, and i suspect we'll have it again next year! LOL) It's just another block to cross off the calendar, and turn to a new page, just like we do every month. We can change our lives any day we choose, not just at the turn of the year. *raises teacup to wish you an amazing 2012!*

    i never tire of hearing/reading that you miss your parents. we're supposed to miss them! They love us all of their lives; we love them all of ours. That's what love is. :o)


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