Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Random Thoughts

Thanks for the inspiration, Bernadette!

Some random thoughts;

I hate office politics.

I'm finding out, through working in an office, just how much my body likes to betray me.

My favorite color is still blue.

I really dislike the "F" word, and is making a point to not use it, anymore.  It's the ugliest word in the world. 

Taco flavored Doritoes are back!  I still love them as much as I did when I was seven.

I'm still on a quest to find lime-flavored Kool-Aid.

I feel physical pain daily.  At times, the pain is pretty bad.  Still, that being said, I know the pain I feel is nothing compared to the pain my father had every day of his life.  Amazing man, he was.

Light brown hair looks horrible on me.  Back to dark brown.

Hot flashes suck.  Really.

Is giving up soda... diet soda.  It's horrible for the body.  Going to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day with one glass of OJ at night.  Ice water helps with hot flashes, too.

I'm having a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit.  Probably because it's too hot.  I want to start decking our halls this weekend.  I hope the temp falls to at least 50°

Heard co-workers complaining about their parents in the most heartbreaking ways.  I hope they realize that one day they will not have them around.  What I would give...

I'm catching a cold.

Was called "Miss Mary" at work today.  I hated it.

I miss my mom, and I'm realizing as I get older that besides looking more and more like her, I think more and more like she did... and I like it.

I listen to Chopin every day.

I want to get my ears pierced two more times -- in each ear -- and I don't care how old I am.

I want to get my mom's maiden name tattooed on my left wrist, and my maiden name done on my right.

I am very sleepy and thirsty.  Going for a glass of OJ.

Thanks for taking the time to read!


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  1. great thoughts! love love love! hope you'll feel better - or quickly develop the tolerance for the added pain that's due to working. {gentle hugs}


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