Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Punching In

Today, the homestead is quiet.  Very quiet. It's deafening.  I turned on some music.  My favorite stuff.  I turned up the volume.  There was nobody yelling at me to turn down the Abba CD I was playing.  Then again, there was nobody around to make breakfast for.  Or lunch.

Today, my oldest son started his very first job.  Yes, he is a tax-paying citizen, now.  I'm very proud of him.  It's one of those golden-moment days where your child takes another major step towards being an independent adult.  I waited until after he left before I shed my 'proud momma tears.'  I didn't want to annoy him on his first day.  He's stressed enough.

I would have taken a photo, but again, he'd only get irritated.  He's working with his father at Pandora Jewelry.  I would have loved to take a photo of the two of them leaving this morning.  I'm picking my battles.

I am very excited for him.  There is a whole new world waiting to embrace him;  new friends, new skills.  A sense of belonging and of being needed.  And then there are the office politics just waiting to drag him in.  Knowing my son the way I do, though, he'll have no part of it.  Just like his father.

I'm hoping he'll see all of the advantages he now has.  The world is just waiting for him to take them.

Oh.  By the way.  Aaron is a lucky guy.  Who says you can't get a free lunch... and breakfast?  Gotta love Pandora! 

Congratulations, Son.

Until next time,

Hug those babies close!


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