Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hug Your Kids Close.

I'm sad, today.  Really sad.  I'm also very, very angry.  Some people simply should not be allowed to breed.  Some people simply do not have the heart, or the brains to parent.

You do not throw your child out on the street because they forgot to do a chore.
You do not through your child out onto the street when you have a disagreement.
You do not throw your child out when your child disobeys you.
You do not ignore when your child is in need of medical care.
You do not tell your neighbor that offers to take your child to the ER that 'you can do whatever you want with  him, but I don't care.'

I look around at the clothes on my sons' floor.  I see the wet towel on the bathroom floor.  The trash is piling up.   It used to really bother me.  Not anymore.

Go hug your kids, and the next time you want to yell at them for leaving the dishes unwashed, or for leaving their toys in the living room, or leaving wet towels on their beds;  stop.  Think about the boy  that no longer has a bed to sleep in.  Think about the boy who no longer has a place to call home.  Think about the boy that tried to go home to make things right, and was refused.  Think about the boy that was so hurt and confused, he put his own arm through a window.   Think about the boy that when he truly needed help, bleeding profusely,  was ignored by his own father, the door slammed in his face.

All because he forgot to do the dishes, and instead wanted to play a game ( Sounds like I'm exaggerating, doesn't it?  I wish I could say I was).

And this is a GOOD child.  Why is it that some of the best kids sometimes have the worst parents? 

I promised I'd not share any details.  

Go hug your children.

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