Sunday, August 21, 2011

Totally Random

 From Merriam-Webster:


noun \ˈran-dəm\

Definition of RANDOM

: a haphazard course
at random
: without definite aim, direction, rule, or method at random>

Origin of RANDOM

Middle English, succession, surge, from Anglo-French randun, from Old French randir to run, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rinnan to run — more at run
First Known Use: 1561

Totally Random On A Sunday Morning

I love the sound of bowling.
Making lists makes me happy.
I use commas way too much.
I wish my husband would just shave his head and get it over with.
I wish I could type with long nails.  Alas... nope.
I think that I make the best damn potato salad on the planet.
I wish my family liked to play board games.
I have an idea for a great business, but no money to make it happen.
Most of my furniture was made by my father.
I have ten toes, but I only leave nine toe prints.
Would love to get my nose pierced... but I think I'm too old (plus it hurts).
I wish I could find a job that would allow me to let my creative side flow.
I wish I could work outside the house.
I have a portrait of myself that my mother drew.
Sometimes I wish that short hair looked good on me.
I miss Mr. Rogers.
Before she married my father, my mother painted her apartment bathroom semi-gloss black.  I wish I could!
I like watching caterpillars.
I have had six surgeries in three years.
Goldie Hawn went to my high school.
Linda Tripp shops at our grocery store, sometimes
Cloudy days rejuvenate me.
Shel Silverstien makes me happy when I am not.
Good cookies are easily ruined by the addition of raisins.
I remove the chalaza when I use eggs.  Every time.
I am fascinated by acorns and pinecones.
Big Brother is getting too big for his britches.
Legally, I have a middle name.   Technically, I do not.  I did start using my maiden name as my middle name about ten years ago.
The older I get, the further away from organized religion I get.
I am best friends with my husband's brother's wife's ex-husband's ex-wife.
I love explaining that to people.
My youngest son, Alex,  has blue eyes.  My husband and I both have brown.  Alex was born on my Aunt Kay's Birthday.  She had blue eyes.

That's all for now.

Until next time,

Don't forget your list!


  1. I love this post - all of it!

    I love the sound of bowling, too. It's the sound of childhood evenings when Mom & Dad were on leagues, and of my summers and Saturdays when I joined leagues after I turned 10. I especially like my current Friday afternoons going bowling in an almost-empty house.

    I like cloudy days, too. Most people don't, and I don't when they come one day after the next (then I get depressed and that's what my Sunbox is for), but I enjoy the visual respite now and then.

    You're working - that's an accomplishment in this economy.

    I like that you make only 9 toe prints - uniquely you!

    I would like to get a tattoo, but I know I'd run screaming at the first prick.

    Six surgeries = too many. :(

    I love raisins! Sorry! ;)

    I remove the chalaza sometimes - depend on how big and icky it is. Btw, I learned something here today. I knew the icky thing, but not the word for it. Thanks!

    I love explaining that long connection, too, but sometimes I struggle to muster the brain power to do it!

    While I'm sure Alex's blue eyes have something to do with two recessive genes getting together, it's much cooler to imagine they were a special gift from your Aunt Kay!

  2. Jennifer AlexanderAugust 21, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    That's why I love you Mary, randomness! Thanks got being you! 

  3. Al's eyes: Yeah, I know. I just think it's her.

    I was going to include how we both know John, but my brain was sizzling.

    If I can get a tattoo, Good Lord, YOU COULD!! I'll go with you!!

  4. Aw! Thanks, Jennifer! Can't wait until ya'll get home!


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