Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I Love, Episode One.

Hello, my darlings!

First of all, I'm glad we all are okay.  Irene was a tricky one, wasn't she?   I mean, she's dead now, and here we are on the first day of school and it's closed... and rumor has it we may miss tomorrow as well.  Yes, Irene, we hear you laughing...


I had an idea about another blog topic, but I honestly don't think it warrants its own category, if you will, so I will post -- from time to time -- a thing that I really, really like... or even love.  It can be anything but it must be just that;  a thing

Ever come across an item that just grabs you, and then you fall in love with it?  Something silly.  A particular product that makes your life not only a bit easier, but makes you happy?  I mean, really happy?

Today's Thing I Love is called --

The Slush Mug.

A while back, some of my friends and I were discussing thing we miss.  Things that made our childhood so much fun.  One of them mentioned a Slush Mug.  I hadn't seen one since, oh, 1975?  I had totally forgotten about them.  My other friend told me she had one and still used it.  I was like, "No way!"


They told me I could find them online.  I went straight to my second favorite place online;  Ebay.  I was amazed.  There they were!  I then went to  Again, there they were, albeit a bit more expensive.  Ebay had one for $8.00.  I bought it.  I had to have it.

If you know me well, you will know that I am a Slurpee whore.  I LOVE me a Slurpee.  Slushies won't do.  Icee's don't cut it.  Slurpee.  All the way.  I used to joke that I would pay good money to buy and install a Slurpee machine into my kitchen... or living room since my kitchen can't hold three people much less a huge Slurpee machine.  I think I have found the answer, my friends!

When I first saw it, I have to admit I was a bit let down.  A thin plastic outer mug.  Along with it is a white insert.  It is filled with a gel, or according the Slush Mug website:

Secrets in the Magical Glaciercore.

Made with over 1 pound of super freezing patented solution (made from all FDA food approved components) the Glaciercore actually gets colder than your freezer when it's thickening the smoothie, by crystallizing the natural ingredients in the beverage.
The mugs are designed with our own
patented refrigerant (non-Toxic and permanently sealed)" 


So, I read the instructions and put the "Glaciercore" into the freezer to freeze for 24 hours.

The next day, I filled it with Dr. Pepper.  Again, the website claims you can use anything except diet beverages.  DAMN!  I drink diet everything!  Oh well, I still had to try it.  They advise you to refrigerate your beverage a few hours, but you don't have to;  it'll just take longer to freeze if you choose not to.  I chose to.  I was in a hurry.  In the back of my mind, though, I set myself up to be disappointed.  No way this cheap piece of crap could work.

Sometimes, being wrong feels so right.

I followed the directions which simply are to put the Glaciercore into the mug.  Then pour your chilled (or not chilled) bevvy into the Glaciercore.  Let it set a few seconds, then using a spoon, begin scraping the sides to release ice crystals that have already started to form.  I did this.  At first it looked like the ice was just re-melting into the liquid.  I kept stirring.  Ice began forming so quickly that it started floating.  I let it 'rest' a few seconds, then started scraping again.  I was starting to get excited!  Maybe this would work, after all!  Still... I'm married to the world's biggest skeptic.  It's rubbed off on me.  Still I kept stirring and scraping.

Epic 1970's failure.
Within a seven minute period, I had a Slurpee.  I swear.  My favorite thing in the world (well, one of them) is a Cola Slurpee.  Kids, I had a Dr. Pepper Slurpee in my hands, made by yours truly, in eight minutes; all thanks to the Slush Mug.  I almost wet my pants.  Not only did I have a homemade 'Slurpee' -- something I have tried to recreate Lord knows how many unsuccessful times , but I made it in a product that totally lived up to its hype!  It WORKS!  I wanted to sing its praises from the rooftops!  I still do!

Just out of curiosity, I did try to make a diet Slush.  I used Crystal Light.  It became a block of ice within three minutes.  Same with Diet Sierra Mist.  DAMMIT.  Oh well, I'm still happy.  I allow myself a sugar-laden Slurpee a few times a year.  A total success and I proclaim it's even BETTER than a Slurpee.  Wanna know why?  Because while I love Slurpees, they are what they are... sugar laden frozen processed God-knows-what.   With the Slush Mug, you can make a perfect Slush out of 100% real fruit juice.  I've tried grape juice.  PERFECT!  And my personal favorites;  Grapefruit juice and mango nectar.  AMAZING!!! I'm sold.  I bet it would make the perfect Margarita, too.  Then again, I don't drink alcohol anymore.  Still, I may make one just to see if it would work.  A good wine?  Try it and get back to me!

Here is some cranberry/grape juice cocktail that I thought I would whip up just to show you how it's made.

And now the real magic begins!

Drum roll....

Slick  and perfectly smooth. Soft yet firm.  Not one ice chunk. Perfection.  I'm sold.  Did I mention that, already?  Well, I am.  SOLD. It's great for kids, too.  The science of it is really quite fascinating.  To see ice form so fast - instant gratification X 2 = a cool bit of YUMMY science! 

Want to try one out for yourself?  Slush Mugs!  Or just go to eBay Slush Mugs

Tune in next time when I discuss another thing I love;  Bar Keeper's Friend!

Until next time...

Peace and thanks again for reading!

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  1. I used to loooove Slurpees when I was a kid! We'd sometimes go for Slurpees after my brother's softball games. They were a real treat! Thanks for the memories...


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