Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome, Summer Solstice!

June, 21st.  The first day of Summer.  While it will officially be Summertime at 1:16 this afternoon, to me  (and I suppose to most kids) it won't truly be Summer until the last day of school comes to an end.  I love Summer.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Staying up late and not having to wake up early.  Always a plus.
  • Fla-vor-Ice pops 
  • Staying up late, and hanging out with the kids.  
  • Sun-kissed hair
  • Flip-Flop tan lines
  • When it's too hot to cook, there is always PB&J.
  • Breaking out the SNES and playing Mario Bros. 3 on a rainy day
  • Sundresses
  • Playing Farkle (yes, with real dice) until the wee hours
  • Thunderstorms
  • Coppertone 
  • Bomb Pops
  • Reading, and Sudoku in the butterfly chair
Those are just a few reasons.  A lot of people cringe when I tell them that I love having a house full of kids all summer long.  I've been called 'crazy.'  'Odd.'  Okay. I'm odd.  I've been called worse!  I happen to love seeing my kids with their friends, tongues orange from Kool-Aid, laughing and carrying on.  It helps too, that I happen to really like their friends. I don't need to be invited into their conversations to feel included. I do my thing;  they do theirs. If anyone needs anything, I'm "Hey Ma!"  Gotta say, my heart leaps when I hear that.  It's what my own kids call me, too.  While I miss the days of kiddie pools, bubble blowing, and trips to the park with my little boys, I really like just hanging out with them.  They have grown to be interesting people.  I like hearing their opinions. Sometimes on a hot Summer night, while my husband is snoring on the sofa late at night, my boys will come into my room. We'll have ice cream or something cool, and the three of us will lounge on my bed.  We'll laugh.  I'll learn about them.  They'll learn about me.  Stories about our pasts.  What I did when I was their age.  Sometimes, we'll talk about people we miss.  Old neighbors.  Loved ones. These times are so treasured; I live for them.  Summertime is a requirement;  late nights always ensue when we talk.

Slide on the soap! Slide on the soap! Slide on the soap!
Lots of parents I know complain about their kids being home all summer long.  They ask for peace and quiet.  I realize some parents need sleep;  they work. And some work at home... like me.   I get that.  And I too need it quite at times.  I want to be alone, too.  I am blessed that I get to indulge in time by myself.  So it really breaks my heart when I hear people complain about how they can't wait until they can get their kids back on the bus to school;  and it's only the first week of Summer vacation!  Yes, I'm odd.  I love the sound of kids laughing too loud. Kids talking loud; deep in conversation.  I love that kids want to hang out in my tiny apartment.  My kids are asthmatics, so a lot of the Summer is spent indoors;  breathing in safe, clean, air-conditioned air while playing video games.  I'm often invited to join in when they are all laughing at Ed, Edd & Eddy (I think I am the only woman that thinks that show is hysterical)
Why don't you go tawlk to treeees or whaaatever eet ees you doooo?
or reruns of Dexter's Laboratory.  Can I help it if I love playing Major'as Mask (Zelda, ahem), or Little Big Planet?  I still want to learn how to  play GTA.  Sue me.  And, I know what my kids are up to, and who they are with.  Neat little trick, eh? Sneaky, ain't I? 

It is June 21st;  the first day of Summer, and I'm so excited!  Why? 
OH YEAH! Ma's Kool-Aid House is OPEN!

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  1. missed this one a couple o' months ago...it is so truly you and makes me smile!

    I'm hearing two things in my head right now: Alex saying, "Hey, Mom! Don't you wanna' get me some Kool-Aid?" and Zachary saying, "But-tered toast!"


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