Thursday, June 2, 2011


We all make them.  Being a 'Facebooker,' you sort of learn about folks' way of 'speaking through text' if you will. You know your friends and their vernacular for the most part, so when you see a typo, you disregard it.  Totally.

When I make a typo, I usually try to go back and fix it.  Why?  I don't want to appear ignorant?  I don't know if I can honestly say why.  After I comment and see a typo that I let slip, my body freezes. I break out into a cold sweat.  My eyes burn. It physically bothers me to leave it alone!  What does all of that mean?   I go back and copy my comment, delete it, then paste it back, and repair my typo.  I need to lighten up a bit.  At least that is what I always tell myself.  I sort of dare myself to let it slide.  I can't do it.  I just can't.
I can still hear my typing teacher; "Home keys Mary; home keys."

Today I commented on a friend's blog.  I was happy with what I had to say, typed in the capatcha, submitted it, and immediately saw my typo;  there for all the world to see.  And I could not edit it.  So what did I do?  I was so ashamed of my little typo, that I felt compelled to apologize for it... blaming it on lack of coffee (which was true, by the way).

Anyone that owns an iPhone or iTouch knows how easy it is to make a typo when texitng or posting from them.  "I hate this keyboard!" is a valid reason for making typos;  touchscreens suck when it comes to typing.  I think that is the only time I allow them to sneak by:  Texting on my iTouch using the AIM feature.  Fat fingers?  Lousy keyboard.  Let's go with a lousy keyboard.

I'm not perfect.  I got so-so grades in English.  My grammar is nowhere near perfect.  So, who am I to get so upset when I make an honest typo?  We all 'speak Typo.'

I do legal transcription and typos are a SIN.  Maybe that's why I am so upset when I make one.  Still, I've been upset by them long before I started transcribing.  Who knows.  I'm not an anal retentative person, really.

Maybe the next time I type out a typo, I'll just leave it.  Or, maybe I won't.

Just a thought that thought I'd share with you, today,  Until next time...


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  1. yes...let it go, we read FB- and blog-speak! we can look past them.

    btw - love your new birdie theme! so cute!


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