Monday, June 6, 2011

Mary, Mary (Mary) Quite Contrary!

So, Rob and I are sitting in my GP's waiting room this morning.  I needed a pre-op checkup for my surgery this Friday.  It's just us, and two other women.  We are reading magazines -- if you're bored at my GP's office, then you must visit him every other day.  The man has more magazines than a bookseller on his coffee table.  From Cosmo and Self, to Family Fun & Boy's Life, and Auction Digest and Garden and Gun -- and other than the phone ringing and WTMD playing in the background ( I love my GP), it's quiet.

Moments later -- okay 40 minutes later -- I hear a door open and the doctor telling his patient that he'd see him in the fall.  The patient leaves.  I glance toward the receptionist's desk (The office is actually a townhouse), and see him pick at the folders on her desk.  He says to her:

"Watch this."

She looks at him.

"Is Mary here?"   I slowly raise my hand and look at him.  He has a rather silly grin on his face.  He peered at me over his glasses, then looked away from me.  As I followed his gaze, the two other women had their hands raised, too.  Almost in unison, we all said,

"I'm Mary..."  Then the realization hit.

"OMG no way..."  "Is that not the funniest thing?"  "Well, we could a go together..."

After a round of laughter, he asked us what we actually went by -- what our middle names were.

"Mary Catherine, but I really go by Cathy..."  Said the first Mary.

"I'm Mary Catherine, too!  But I go by 'Mary!"

I chimed in;

"Maryfrances, here!"

I was the last Mary seen.  "MaryFRANCES... c'mon back!"

For some reason, I have this need to  check on how my garden is growing, now.

Until next time,  I'm off on my MARY way...



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