Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Hey.  Happy Birthday.  Yeah, yeah.  I know.  What's new you ask?  Not much.  I'm finally feeling really good.  No more bad pain!  I have my bad days, and like you, probably always will.  I've gained some weight.  Lots of illness and surgeries make for a sedentary life for a while.  No biggie.  It'll come off.  I have more grey than you did.  I swear! I'm Mom's girl.  AND I made the decision not to color it, anymore.  With my black (what's left) hair, it's way too hard to keep up with.  At first I fought it, but you know Dad?  I kind of like it! Rob does too... at least he tells me he does.  Maybe he's just glad I'm not shelling out buckets of money every three weeks to cover the damned roots!

I quit drinking.  It's not like I did a lot of it, anyway.  I know what you're thinking.  "She never finished a beer, anyhow.  It's good that she quit... more for me!"  Tee Hee!   My body has been through a lot.  My poor digestive system has taken a serious beating in the past three years... it's time I was kinder to it.  Again, no big deal.

Your grandsons?  Dad, I wish you could see them! They are so tall and handsome.  Aaron looks so much like you.  He's doing okay.  He is looking for work. He and I talk about you all the time.  He is missing you.  Alex?  He's shaving!  I know, right!?  Little Alex!  He's doing better in school.  He's made some really great friends and he's happy. He will be getting his learner's permit this June.  CRAZY!   He misses you, too.

Rob.  He's fine.  A few creaks and aches here and there, but he's good.  Playing first base on the Pandora Softball Team!  He's having fun. Working his ass off as usual.  Never complains.  Almost bald. Heehee!  We talk about you often. He misses your weather reports.

We got a new parakeet.  Daisy Mae.  We never call her that.  We call her, "Girl."  She's so funny.  I wish you could see her... well, okay you can... You know what I mean.  You'd love her.

Well, I won't keep you.  I'm guessing you're having quite the party up there.  Maybe in Heaven, you like parties.  I know how much you hated them here!  I'm like you, though;  I'm not crazy about being the center of attention, either.  Still, I hope you are celebrating.

Anyway, Happy Birthday.

I love you ... and miss you like crazy... and miss our morning coffee.  I have it with Bernadette, now. ♥



  1. Hey Lil Cuz,

    A very nice tribute to a great Dad ! I'm sure he knows you are always with him as he is with you.

    Happy Birthday Uncle Frank !

    Love Cuz Fran

  2. Thanks, Cuz! I try to write my folks a letter on their birthdays. It helps! Love you!


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