Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working Out... or Thank You, Donna

Good morning, Darlings!

Well, here it is, Saturday.  Alex is still asleep (he's fifteen; right as rain).  Aaron is heading out to Baltimore to skate.  Rob is at the dentist getting another root canal.  My parakeet is sitting on the arm of my recliner, exercising her newly learned talent of blowing raspberries and telling me how pretty she is.  "Preeeetypretty birrrrrdeeeeee!"  She sure is.

And here I am.  Feeling pretty good except for the cold that keeps rearing it's annoying head.  No more pain from surgery;  but the abdominal nerves are still not behaving.  I'm resigning myself to the fact that it's now permanent.  It could be worse.  A lot.  I'm okay.

My girl-crush Laura Calder (French Food at Home) is cooking something yummy and French... and talking to me about spinach.  More noise than anything, today.  I do enjoy a quiet house.  During the day when nobody is here, I usually don't watch TV.  Sometimes WETA Classical radio is on.  Today, I just want some background noise.  I think I do that when I stress.  I'm thinking about my husband.  He's been through a lot, lately.  Asshole dentists.  Asshole co-workers.  Asshole neighbors.  Why is it that truly nice people have to deal with so many assholes? And he's working himself sick.  All because others do things that make no sense and then put their mistakes onto him.  Assholes.

What is today's topic?  Well, Darlings, there isn't one  (pardon me ...parakeet on keyboard... blocking view).  My bestie... Donna ...(emphatically waves 'hello') posted a link on my Facebook page that she thought I'd enjoy.  And I did.  Very much so.  From another blogger who writes, Ten Important Things I've Learned About Blogging by Ree Drummond.  I really needed to read it.  I do write to you, my Darling Readers, as if you are sitting in my living room, enjoying some tea with me.  I do write like I speak...or at least I try to.   The most important thing Ree suggests is to 'Exercise;"  to keep writing.  Even if you have nothing to say.  If you approached me, I would not ignore you, right?  So I will start writing to you, even if I have nothing especially important to tell you.  We can discuss the weather.  It's warm and cloudy.  My Tulips are peeking through the hard, cold soil under my bedroom window.  My snowball tree is budding as are my two Hydrangeas.  I'll have to keep a close eye on them, this season;  had a Hydrangea thief steal my most gorgeous blossoms last year.  I should have blogged about that.  I did post it on Facebook.  Had a bunch of Gambinos ready to kick ass, too!  I LOVE my family!

So, there it is;  My Saturday.  Hey!  Now there's an idea!  My Saturday.  Saturday thoughts.  Nothing special Saturday musing and mumblings.  Anyone see EastEnders?

Until next time,

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Saturday!

PS "In the time it takes you to create a birthday card, you can make a pot of lentils."  ~ Laura Calder. ♥

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  1. another enjoyable post! you know i love the way you write -- it's as if i'm sitting in the room with you, drinking tea,discussing the morning's EE eps, along with hobbies, family, birdies, gardening...whatever comes to mind. oh - and i'm waving back, too!


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