Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures.  Much different than Guilty Pleasures,  I have many.  I will experience one and think, "Oh!  I should write that down and blog about it..."  Sorry.  I thought I'd do this entry a bit different this time.  Instead of naming one and describing each one, I'd just list them and include a small comment if it warranted one.

Looking for four-leaf-clovers.  My father taught me the joys of doing this.  Sometimes we'd sit in a clover patch and look through the entire thing, or gaze past a patch near the sidewalk on the way to the car.  He'd find one every time.

That almost fishy aroma after a warm rain.  It's not fishy in an offensive way.  Ocean-like, but you're nowhere near the sea.  Hard to describe.  It takes me to Cobb Island when my family got together when I was three or four years old. A very comforting aroma.

Listening to an obscure piece of classical music and hearing my youngest son whistle along.  Now that is a cool thing!

Ragg socks.  I just love them;  thick and warm.

Popcorn cooked (yes cooked) on the stove.  Kosher salt, butter, and yes, black pepper.  I may get crazy and add some Parmesan cheese.  Heaven.

Walking barefoot in the grass.  Sitting in the grass and making clover blossom leis.

Digging in my little tiny garden.  Getting a handful of soil and making a mudpie.

Washing dishes.  Sounds really odd, right?  When I was a kid, I would 'play in water.'  I'd go into the bathroom, lock the door and fill up the sink and make soap bubbles;  thick like whipped cream.  My mom knew exactly what I was doing and told me if I loved doing that to do it with dishes -- being careful not to break anything while I was at it -- she made it fun.  Now, I'm not saying it's something I look forward to doing every night, but once I'm started, I'm a six year old, all over again.   Oh, and it's really nice waking up to a clean sink!

A good book.  In the Ragg socks, with my peppered, cooked popcorn;  so nice!

A perfectly fried egg.  Not hard, but not runny, either.  

Cotton.  Cotton sheets.  Cotton clothing.  Cotton socks.  Cotton blankets. Nothing like snuggling up on a chilly rainy day (but not so chilly that you can't open the windows) wrapped up in a soft, freshly laundered blanket.

Rainy days.  See above.

Vacuum lines in the carpet.

Wood furniture that is freshly oiled.  My father made 80% of my wood furniture.  It love when it gleams.  I'm so proud to tell folks that he made it.

Flip-flop tan lines on my feet.

Finding that perfect sea shell.

Being called "Ma" by my kids' friends.

Offering a compliment to a stranger.  If you're having a bad day, I promise you that if you give a compliment to a total stranger, their smile will repair your mood.  Even something as simple as saying, "Wow, what a lovely dress!"  is enough to make someones' day.  Try it!

The perfect pen.  Sure just finding one is always good, but having a GOOD pen that is yours ... priceless.

That feeling you get when you have a bad cold, and your sinuses suddenly open. Hooray!

Floating in water.  The pool is nice.  The ocean is nicer.

Seeing not one, but three falling stars in one night.

A PB&J.  It's one of those things that we never truly go out of our way to get, but once we get one, there's nothing better!

Grilled Cheese and tomato soup;  see above

Realizing that your children are growing up to be really nice adults.

A long, romantic hug.

Having a parakeet fall asleep on your son's shoulders... while he naps.

Homemade hot cocoa.

Homemade Italian Ice (Lemon)

When it snows more than the weathermongers predicted.

Well, that's enough for now... I'm sure I'll be reminded of more as I experience them.  For now, I'm in my favorite PJs, my babies are asleep, it's quiet and I'm suddenly in the mood for a PB&J.

Until next time...


  1. About the fried eggs: Your Dad, when he was home, used to say he liked his fried eggs "pink and lacy." Mom made them just right for him. :-)

  2. Wow. I've never heard that. ♥ Love this! Thank you, Aunt Cammie! xoxo


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