Friday, July 9, 2010

Pass the Pork Rinds, Please!

Sunday is the day. This Sunday, July 11. I'm getting back onto the Atkins WOL (Way of Life) Wagon. I knew I would, someday. Just not sure exactly when. I needed a swift kick in the ass to get me motivated. I got my ass kicked last Wednesday. Kicked hard and Darlings, it still hurts.

My doctor ordered the usual blood tests; AC1. It came back high. What really got me was the fact that one year ago, my fasting blood sugar (Upon waking) would range between 79-90. My fasting blood sugar is now 195. That ass-kickin' hurts. I was also told (I LOVE this new doctor... love him) that if I ever had any lingering doubt that I was a true diabetic; this proves it. With a BANG. Shit.

So, here is the plan;

  • Start Metformin. Lowers blood sugar and helps one lose weight. Cool? No. The drug makes me sick... literally. I must endure, however.
  • Get back onto the Atkins WOE... WOL (Way of Eating, Way of Life) plan. Not a diet. I can have 'vacation days' but I MUST, for the sake of my health, stay on this FOREVER. I did it for seven years, I can do it forever.
  • Exercise. Walking to start. I'm not a runner and never will be. My knees can't do it and honestly, I am not of a fan of it. Walking and lots of cardio is fine.
  • I already have two "Buddies" to do this with. One is WAY ahead of me, but still is a constant source of inspiration and comfort. The other will be starting with me.
  • Blog. Write. Photograph my progress. I think that since I am so ashamed of all the weight I gained in the past two years, I need to see my progress. Seeing it will inspire me.

So there it is. My plan for Sunday, and for the rest of my life. Am I excited? Sure! I'll be honest; I'm enjoying forbidden carbs like the world is ending. Okay, I will rephrase that; I'm enjoying them while I can. The world will not end when I can't eat a big plate of rigatoni, with homemade Ciabatta. It will go on. And I can indulge, as long as I get right back on the wagon... AND, I find that when I do indulge and go back, I lose like 5 lbs in a week! Kind of a jump start and reminder of how great this WOE is.

Well, I'm off. A bowl of Apple Jacks awaits me... or how about some grits with cheddar!? Both!?


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