Thursday, June 10, 2010

Atkins, part deux

I'm doing it; going back to Atkins. Starting induction, today. I am pumped. Really!

I did this years ago and stayed on it for six years. Not only did I hit my goal weight, I KNOCKED its ass out of the ballpark! I will admit there were days when I would go completely off the plan and have a "Naughty Day" but those just jump started my weight loss even faster (in OWL, never induction)

So it's time to chin up, get back on the Low Carb (OMG... please. Not "No carbs") wagon. I have decided not to tell anyone that I am doing this. ( yet I blog about it... ah well... not a lot of followers, so WTH) Why? Two reasons:

1. Just like smoking; if I told folks I was quitting, I'd always get the; (yes, I know they were only concerned...) "So, smoke lately?" "Had any cravings, today?" GAAA! With Atkins, I get;

"That is so unsafe. It's not healthy. You're gonna clog your arteries" for the love of all that's Holy; READ the EFFING BOOK! Three of my physicians have done nothing but praise this WOE. Get schooled. And if you choose not to read, then please; no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you very much.

2. I hate waiting. I need instant gratification. When I started the Atkins years ago, I was skeptical and a bit scared. How does an EYETALIAN never eat pasta, again? I started the "Way Of Eating" (WOE from now on) and I was amazed. By many things. (more numbers)

1. I was not hungry. AT ALL. At times I had to force myself to eat!

2. Even though I did get a bad case of the "Atkins Flu" (fatigue, headaches and a bit of constipation), I felt good. Weird, eh? I felt great in that my body was using MY FAT as FUEL (Bout damn time it was good for SOMETHING)...and the 'flu' only lasted two days.

3. I was motivated to exercise! Not just walking (Face it, walking is great, but it gets old FAST), but CARDIO. Walking in addition to cardio + weight training = a swift kick in fat's ass! Which brings me to ...

4. The weight came off... FAST! I lost 31 lbs in less than a MONTH! A MONTH! And water... if you don't like drinking it, you will; you'll love the way you piss your fat away! Okay so that's what it seems like... ketones. That's the ticket. Ketosis. Again, READ THE EFFING BOOK before you say anything.

So now that I have gotten the green light, it's time to GO... but not before I have some coffee, and a few scrambled eggs with some Irish Cheddar. LIFE IS GOOD! Eat it up!

And yes, this is a blatant theft of my own blog at Sparkpeople. Stealing from myself... :o)

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