Weekly Writing Prompts

Weekly Writing Prompt - Week Three

"Blogging Bernadette"

Today, I'll be doing something a bit different.  My lovely cousin Bernadette is here visiting from her home in Florida.  Tonight, we will make supper of Effing Ziti, and then head over to my aunt's home for a slumber party!

We thought we would both blog simultaneously.  She also writes a blog, Flirting With Fifty.  This should be very interesting and a lot of fun!

I look at  her, as she has been patiently waiting for me to finish my title.  She grins.  I shrug and giggle.

Here we go.

Bern:  "I already have a question for you. So, what have you enjoyed about our day today, so far?"

Me:   "Well, I (choking with laughter) Just miss talking to you, and I'm so glad you're here, first of all.  It's not often I have the chance to talk so openly to someone, woman to woman, my kindred spirit. (OMG did just say that out loud?)

(Visions of a frilly lass dancing in a field of wildflowers for Masengill)

Bern:  "Okay, it's really not that funny."

Me:  "Wait.  What did I say, again?"

Bern:  (Typing furiously)  "This might have been better, edited, recorded and transcribe."

Me:  Nods in agreement.

Bern:  "Did I as different to you when you saw me today, as I think I do?  It's been a while, and I feel big and bulky."

Mary:  Rolls eyes.  "I don't think you're big and bulky.  You glow, and you're wonderful."

Bern:  "I love your little hair.  And I'm so glad that you're wearing my Gram's earrings."

Mary beams.  "Aww."

Mary:  What are you enjoying most about our day today yourself?  Oh, I can't do this; I sound retarded.

Bern: Well, of course I'm delighted to see you - in the flesh, as it were.  And i"m glad you weren't too attached to sticking around the house all day so we could go out and see some of my childhood haunts.

**Bern's laptop shuts off**

Me:  Yeah, that was fun.  I was hoping that cop wasn't gonna like throw us in jail for taking pictures.

Bern: Yeah, and I really hope I didn't hit that car.  I don't think I did.  Just got a little dirt on it.

Me.  Oh, yeah!

**Awkward silence**  **snort**

Bern:  First time we've shut up, all day.  Tomorrow we should guest blog for each other.  This is a bit artificial, don't you think?

Me.  Why no.  How can we jazz this up?

Bern:  Maybe we should type out a few questions for each other first, then type the gist of the response.

Me:  Okay.

Bern:  **Snort** Okay.  I'll write two questions for you and you write two for me.

Me.  Sounds a plan.  A good plan.

Bern:  It would be easier if we could we could stop laughing.

Me.  Yes.  I'm getting a headache.

Bern:  One of the bazillion things we have in common is no sisters or daughters.  Do you ever wish you had girl-children?

Me:  Yeah, but on ly because I missed out on the girly dress-up things like barrettes and hair trees.  But really, I always knew I would have boy-children.

Bern  I think some peple are meant to have only boy children.  I don't have any tolerance for the noises girls make, especially when they are in packs.  The screeching feels like a lumbar puncture.

Mary: I think we should both answer the questions.

Bern:  Okay. but this is getting really long.  Let's do one question each.


Bern:  Hmm.  Partly because we are naturally alike, but also we put in the effort with each other to be there and support each other.  I think it might be equal parts.  But it's almost scary how we "smink."  And the reason for that, I don't know... Sometimes it is like we were separated at birth.

Bern:  Why do you think we are.

Me:  I think it goes back to when we were really much younger.  I always loved visiting you when we were little.  I love being around you.  And when you were gone suddenly, I had no idea how to find you.  Then our cousin John found you and I was ecstatic, and I knew I had to find you, too.  And ever since then, I feel like I've found my sister.  It's more than being related and being cousins.  We always just seem to meld together even though we're different people.

Bern:  And I remember when you found me - by email - and I was so happy that you did.  I love you so much, little C.  Want to cook something?  You finish the effing ziti and I'll make the blueberry salad for Auntie's house tomorrow?


Weekly Writing Prompt - Week Two

"Today I Will..."  For Ten Minutes - In List Form

Today I Will:  (In no particular order)

  1. Vacuum the carpet
  2. Throw out twenty-seven things I don't need
  3. Kiss my husband
  4. Wipe down the refrigerator
  5. Read
  6. Walk with Aaron 
  7. Paint my nails a dark, sultry color
  8. Order my son's cap & gown and his yearbook
  9. Call my friend
  10. Do a load of laundry
  11. Talk to my cousin Bernadette
  12. Work for a couple of hours
  13. Dust furniture
  14. Prepare the boy's supper
  15. Look for something to wear for my night out.
  16. Pray
  17. Have another cup of coffee
  18. Shine my sink
  19. Reminisce
  20. Choose the photo to purchase from the Alex's graduation session
  21. Thoroughly clean the bathroom
  22. Take a bath
  23. Indulge with some wine tonight
  24. Clean and defrag my laptop
  25. Price a bigger router
  26. Go out to dinner with my groom
  27. Celebrate my wedding anniversary
  28. Meditate
  29. Reflect
  30. Plan
  31. Catch up with the Strumpets


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